Are the Buses rolling?

Westwind School Division has updated its website and in the process we are adding a few pieces that we hope will improve communication and help parents and students succeed in the day to day business of attending school.  One of those functions is the new online Bus Route notification system.

On our division site (and coming soon to our updated school sites) you'll see a button that will take you to a list of all the bus routes - school sites are routes specific to that school.






Clicking on this button will open a list of all the routes in the Division










On the Division site you can quickly see the status of all routes.

Drivers communicate with the Transportation office and IF there is a delay that can quickly be updated.
















If there is a delay or a cancelation the Division website transportation "button" will change color as in the examples below:


In each instance you can click on the bus link and it will take you to the list and show you the specific bus, in the case of delay the length of time that the delay is anticipated to be and/or the reason for the delay or cancelation.  You can also see the time that the route was updated.


IPhones - Smart Phones

If you want to quickly access the detailed routes screen for the division or your school use your phone and navigate to the page you want to see.  On your Iphone there is a little icon with an upward arrow that allows you add that specific page to the home screen of your phone - one click and you see the list (it looks like an app on your phone).

Historically our buses are pretty reliable - for the most part it's weather and the occasional mechanical breakdown.  We encourage you to get familiar with the bus section of our updated site.