WWSD Board Meeting March 2018

Acting upon requests from our stakeholders, regular Board Meetings will now be video-recorded and made available to the public on the Westwind School Division YouTube channel HERE. The Board is pleased to report that recording equipment has been installed and the March 7 Board Meeting has been recorded and is now available to the public.  

The most recent Board Meeting for Westwind School Division #74 was held on March 7, 2018.  Below you will find recordings for the morning session (WWSD Board Meeting 2018 03 07 - Part 1) and the afternoon session (WWSD Board Meeting 2018 03 07 - Part 2).  Following these sessions the Board entered into an in-camera session to discuss legal, land, labour and FOIPP issues. No motions were passed at the end of the in-camera session and a Special Board Meeting was called for Monday March 12, 2017 to continue the meeting.  

At the Special Board Meeting a motion was made to go in-camera (WWSD Board Meeting 2018 03 12 - Part 1).  The Board came out of in-camera briefly to pass one motion (WWSD Board Meeting 2018 03 12 - Part 2) and then returned to their in-camera session.  At the end of the meeting, after coming out of in-camera one more motion was passed (WWSD Board Meeting 2018 03 12 - Part 3)

 Board Meetings agendas can be found HERE

The next public Board Meeting will be held on APRIL 10, 2018.