Westwind wins 2017 ASBA Public Engagement Award

We are excited to announce that Westwind has been awarded the 2017 ASBA Public Engagement Award this past weekend at the Alberta School Board Association Fall General Meeting in Edmonton.

Over the past year Westwind has worked hard to improve communication coming from the school and the Division to parents and the public, and this award recognizes those public engagement efforts. 

Earlier this year Mr. Graham Ruttan, previous Westwind Communications Officer,  developed a communication project that allowed Westwind to identify the most effective communication tools for each demographic and develop communication strategies that would best reach and engage parents.  This has led to an increased online presence for Westwind as well as a better understanding of where the division should direct communication efforts moving forward. We appreciate the efforts of Mr. Ruttan and we recognize his contribution to this award. 

Westwind will continue to seek out ways to effectively engage the public and improve our communication efforts and we are grateful to the ASBA for the recognition.


2017 School Board Election Results

Schools - 7.jpg

Westwind is pleased to announce the School Board Trustee unofficial election results and welcome seven new Trustees to the board this term;  

Electoral Ward 1

  • Barb Salmon (Incumbent) 213
  • Douglas H. Smith (New) 505: ELECTED

Electoral Ward 2 (2 trustees)

  • Patricia Beazer (Incumbent) 675: ELECTED
  • Peggy Jean West Blackmore (New) 1124: ELECTED
  • Denise J. Norton (Incumbent) 645

Electoral Ward 3

  • Konni Mehew (New) 110
  • Jessica Payne (New) 165: ELECTED
  • Peter Scott (Incumbent) 42

Electoral Ward 4

  • M. Ross Blackmer (New) 307: ELECTED
  • Lisa Foggin (New) 285
  • Scott Wolsey (New) 175

Electoral Ward 5 (2 trustees)

  • L. George Bohne (New) 570
  • Jim Ralph (New) 943: ELECTED
  • Alana Sala (New) 536
  • Rodney Earnest (Rod) Wendorff (New) 641: ELECTED

Electoral Ward 6

  • Tracy Selk (Incumbent) 140
  • Joshua Jay Smith (New): 211 ELECTED

Electoral Ward 7

  • Anna-Joyce Frank: ACCLAIMED

Westwind would like to express appreciation to the unsuccessful incumbent trustees who have demonstrated commitment to children and education during their terms; Denise Norton, Barb Salmon and Tracy Selk for their service over the past 4 years and Peter Scott for his service over the past 16 years.

We would also like to express gratitude to our Trustees who have recently retired from their service. Lance Miller; 14 years, Steven Heggie; 16 years, Ron Fromm; who served as a trustee with Westwind for 23 years and as a trustee in the County of Warner prior to that.

We would like to thank all candidates for their interest in and their commitment to public education with their candidacy.  Westwind looks forward to working with the new board in coming weeks.

Resignation of Mr. Dexter Durfey, Associate Superintendent, Business Services

IMG_2210 (2).jpg

Westwind School Division regrets to announce the resignation of Mr. Dexter Durfey.  Dexter has been a member of the Westwind team since 1995, and in 2003 was appointed as Associate Superintendent / Business Services. 

Dexter has been instrumental in securing capital projects in Cardston, Raymond Magrath and Stirling over the past 12 years.  While Westwind will miss his leadership, we extend our best wishes as he will assume the duties of Secretary Treasurer for Palliser Regional School Division #26.

Dexter will begin his service in Palliser effective Nov 20th, 2017.

TEBA Letter

TEBA Letter

In an effort to provide increased transparency to the public on matters related Public Education, Westwind would like to share the public documents that define the time that is assigned to teachers by contract.  It is important to go to the actual sources of information that govern these decisions.