Westwind wins 2017 ASBA Public Engagement Award

We are excited to announce that Westwind has been awarded the 2017 ASBA Public Engagement Award this past weekend at the Alberta School Board Association Fall General Meeting in Edmonton.

Over the past year Westwind has worked hard to improve communication coming from the school and the Division to parents and the public, and this award recognizes those public engagement efforts. 

Earlier this year Mr. Graham Ruttan, previous Westwind Communications Officer,  developed a communication project that allowed Westwind to identify the most effective communication tools for each demographic and develop communication strategies that would best reach and engage parents.  This has led to an increased online presence for Westwind as well as a better understanding of where the division should direct commination efforts moving forward. We appreciate the efforts of Mr. Ruttan and we recognize his contribution to this award. 

Westwind will continue to seek out ways to effectively engage the public and improve our communication efforts and we are grateful to the ASBA for the recognition.


Bulling Awareness Week

Nov 12-18 is Bullying Awareness Week across Alberta.  This annual event promotes bullying awareness and positivity. This year’s theme is “Stand Up”. At Westwind we are committed to promoting healthy and respectful relationships in our Division.


TEBA Letter

In an effort to provide increased transparency to the public on matters related Public Education, Westwind would like to share the public documents that define the time that is assigned to teachers by contract.  It is important to go to the actual sources of information that govern these decisions. 

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