Thank You for the Reading Blankets!

In September we handed out reading blankets, lovingly handcrafted by Board Members, Superintendents, and their families to all of our grade one students in all Westwind Schools for International Literacy Day.

The Grade One class at Raymond Elementary School took the time to record a video thanking the Board for making these reading blankets for them! Their short messages of how the use their blankets and what they love about them are so touching and reach the heart of what this project was intended to do. The Board's goal is to get every single child to feel good while reading. We want students to get warm fuzzies when they read, so that they will soar right past their grade reading levels. We want all students to be reading at or above their grade level by the end of grade three. Handing out these blankets has really sparked a love of reading in many of these young minds. 

Not only was International Reading Day a day for reading blankets, but The Mountain View Book Barn was officially opened! The project of building and filling the Book Barn, an outdoor free library in Mountain View, was spearheaded by Sara Salmon, and supported by a grant from the Lethbridge Community Foundation. This was the most remarkable International Literacy Day that Westwind School Division has ever had the pleasure of celebrating!

Literacy is one of the most important life skills that we can teach our kids, and we are serious about making sure that all our students have a solid base from which to approach the rest of the education and life. A big thank you to the principals and teachers at Raymond Elementary School who really made this event something particularly special for their students! 

But how have these projects impacted you and your children? Let us know with the #WestwindReads hashtag and tag us on Facebook and Twitter!

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