High School Career Day

On Tuesday October 4th, the entire Westwind School Division high school population gathered for a day of exploration at the tri-annual career fair held at Cardston High School. About 1000 students were treated to an outstanding opening keynote presentation by Alvin Law. He delivered a powerful message covering a wide range of topics. He focused on the ability of every individual to accomplish what they are determined to accomplish. We encourage parents to check out Alvin's site and visit with your sons and daughters about what they heard. Some surprises were in both the message and his abilities as he played the piano and drums while driving home the message that we are meant to succeed. 

Students participated in a wide range workshop sessions put on by members of the community and some of the Westwind teaching staff.  Students had an opportunity to hear about careers from archeologist to veterinarian and just about everything in between. Over 35 presenters donated their time and talents to share their passion for their careers. They provided food for thought for the students as they consider their next steps. 

Special thanks goes out to the four high school academic counsellors: Inge Pot (Stirling), Darryl Salmon (Raymond), Ross Blackmer (Magrath) and Stephen Gibbings (Cardston). Special thanks also goes to the staff of CHS who hosted the event. We encourage students to visit each others about what they learned in the sessions and keep as many options open as possible through your own hard work in class. 

As Alvin Law repeatedly emphasized it's our attitude, our willingness to take risks and learn (chopsticks on the piano even) that really determines our end. Embrace the value in yourself and avoid the victim mentality. Develop your imagination and never give up and you simply can't be stopped, even if you fail a couple of times along the way.

Thanks to our students for being such a great audience in the keynote and in the workshops.