Provincial Curriculum Development Survey

In June, the Education Minister David Eggen announced that Alberta Education would be engaging in a curriculum redesign project between 2018 and 2022. The Ministry will be developing new curriculums for English and French, for Arts Education, Language Arts (English, French, and Français), Mathematics, Social Studies, Sciences and Wellness. They provided broad estimated timelines for curriculum development:

  • K—4, December 2018
  • 5—8, December 2019
  • 9—10 (3 subjects), December 2020
  • 9—10 (3 subjects) + 11—12 (3 subjects), December 2021
  • 11—12 (3 subjects), December 2022

In late October Minister Eggen and Premier Rachel Notley announced the launch of an online curriculum survey as part of an effort to hear feedback from Alberta parents. The survey can be accessed at, and will be available for everyone in the province until November 18, 2016.

We encourage students, parents, community members, teachers, and interested parties to participate in the survey since it will help your voice be heard at Alberta Education. The Minister has committed to "use the robust and diverse viewpoints of Albertans to help inform our work." More information on curriculum development can be found on the Alberta Education website.