LGBTQ Policy Public Meeting

Westwind School Division will be holding a public meeting on February 22 at 7:00 PM. The meeting will be held in the Magrath Junior Senior High School’s Tom Karren Gym. The Board wants to hear the questions, concerns, and comments of parents and community members about the Division’s draft Policy 310.0 - Welcoming, Safe, Caring, and Respectful Schools Policy, which addresses Bill 10 and the recently released Policy Guidelines. You can also watch our LGBTQ Policy Issues video series, which may answer some questions. 

We encourage everyone who is interested in these issues to attend and participate. For those who are not able to be there in person, we will be live streaming the meeting on our Youtube channel.

The purpose of this meeting is to listen to the public’s thoughts and suggestions regarding the Board’s draft of their Welcoming, Safe, Caring, and Respectful Schools Policy 310.0. We want to make sure that this meeting is productive, respectful, and efficient. The meeting will be in the following format to meet these goals. The meeting will be in two parts: Public Comments and Division Summary and Response.

The public comment section will allow the most people to present their comments, concerns, and views to the Board. There will be a two minute time limit per speaker to encourage many people to speak. There will be a moderator to ensure that everyone respects the two minute time limit. The Board will only listen during this time.

There will be a tool for people to text comments and feedback to a screen. This will be there for those who support a comment or who are not comfortable with public speaking. We will also be handing out surveys that people may fill out at the meeting. 

After the public comments, the Division will summarize the public feedback. Then they will address some of the biggest points.

The Board and the Policy Committee will use the feedback given by the public at this meeting. It will inform the next steps in the policy development process. We hope welcome everyone to the meeting and to participate in this engagement process.

If you have comments or concerns for the Board on this or other issues, you can email those to