Bill 10 Policy Survey

Thank you to everyone who attended last nights' meeting about the Bill 10 Policy. We were thrilled with the turnout and very happy with the level of participation and engagement at the meeting. We were also very pleased to see that many people took advantage of the opportunity to watch the meeting live last night. If you would like to watch the meeting, you can see it at this link

There were about 300 people in attendance at the meeting, and about another 200 who watched the event live on YouTube. We had about 20 people stand and address the Board with comments, questions, concerns, and suggestions. While we tried to collect and respond to those at the end of the meeting, we will be providing more detailed responses in the days and weeks to come. We want to thank those who spoke with us afterwards and expressed their appreciation and support. The Board and Administration have been working hard on this draft of the Policy and will now work hard on amending the policy at the next Board meeting to reflect some of the feedback we received at this meeting.

We have put out an exit survey that we would appreciate everyone to fill out about the policy and about the issues leading up to and surrounding this dialogue. You can find the survey at this link. The survey will close on Friday, February 26, at noon, so that the results can be compiled and presented to the Board at their March Board Meeting. The results of the survey will also help to inform the Board's policy process. 

The survey is now closed.