Welcoming, Safe, Caring, and Respectful School Communities

Since forming in 1994, we at Westwind School Division have been committed to making our schools welcoming, safe, caring, and respectful places for all students. Children and youth are our greatest treasure as a society. We are dedicated to helping each child pursue their potential.

In January 2016, the Board began the process of reviewing and revising their Safe and Caring Schools Policy. This process was started at the request of the Minister of Education. The Board continued its practice of reviewing, reevaluating and updating this policy to ensure that all children are being helped, protected, and empowered by this policy.

The Westwind Board made an important set of decisions about this policy, starting with it’s name. The policy is now called the Welcoming, Safe, Caring, and Respectful Schools Policy. This showcases the Board recognition that our schools need to be open, welcoming, inclusive, and respectful in addition to being safe and caring for all students. The policy now includes several direct quotes from the Alberta Human Rights Act to ensure that the basic rights of all persons are respected. It also includes concern for the physical, social, cultural, emotional, and psychological well being of all persons; promotes diversity, understanding, respect, and tolerance for others; and encourages parents and guardians to take an active role in their child’s educational success.

Board Trustee Anna-Joyce Frank is excited about these changes to the policy. She has worked hard over her seventeen years as a Board Member to represent and give voice to different cultures and diverse experiences. Trustee Frank sees this policy as a great step towards her long term goals of increasing understanding, empathy, and diversity in the school division.

“The changes to the policy encourage staff, students, and parents to cooperate with one another in creating the best educational environment possible. It is important to spend time with other people to have a better understanding of who they are and accepting their differences in a positive way.”

Trustee Anna-Joyce Frank went to school in Cardston, graduating from Cardston High School. She has since earned Bachelor of Counseling Psychology (University of Great Falls, 1992) and Bachelor of Social Work (University of Calgary, 2004) degrees. She is currently engaged in studies for her Masters of Social Work with the University of Calgary. She has served as a Westwind School Division Board Trustee since 1999. Her two children attended Westwind schools, as do her grandchildren.