Magrath School Modernization Project

Work continues to progress on Magrath School Modernization Project. 

This week our Administration team toured the school with the contractor to see how to project is coming along. The big project over the past weeks has been to get the mechanical area prepared for the new system and to install that system. The size of the system meant that it has to be lowered through the ceiling by a crane! The work is proceeding on schedule so far, and we are excited to see this project continue to come together.

As the project continues to roll forward and we see the building come together, piece by piece, we would like to thank the community and our partners for your support in this project. This will be a world class educational facility that will help Magrath grow and help educate children for decades to come. Your support has been and will continue to be an essential element behind the success of this project. We will provide more updates on the status of this project as the weeks go by and we get closer to reopening the space to students and the public.