Rebecca Bultsma - Communications Officer

Westwind is very pleased to announce the appointment of new Communications Officer, Mrs. Rebecca Bultsma. After a regional search for a replacement for Mr. Graham Ruttan, who has accepted a position in Lethbridge with the Galt Museum in September, Westwind is eager to have Rebecca fill this important vacancy in Westwind.  

Rebecca is an experienced human resource and communication specialist who has worked with a large national company; planning, implementing and evaluating communication plans to deliver consistent and accurate information to a staff of 13,000 employees on a regular basis.

After working remotely for nearly a decade for an Ontario-based company, Rebecca feels strongly that the most important work she would do would be within her own community; with an organization she believes in, supports, and trusts to educate her children.  Westwind is a natural fit.  Rebecca was regularly recognized in her professional career for her excellent communication skills and planning as well as her ability to deliver consistent results and build strong relationships.  Rebecca brings with her a great deal of experience developing, implementing, and evaluating various communication plans and events as well as extensive experience working and strategizing with boards and committees. She has earned many leadership, communication and conflict resolution credentials and certificates.  Rebecca’s educational background is in Business Management and her next step is pursuing her Accreditation in Public Relations (APR). She currently lives in Cardston with her husband and three children.

Westwind is excited to welcome Rebecca to the Westwind team.  She will begin her work in Westwind on October 16th, 2017.

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