TEBA Letter

In an effort to provide increased transparency to the public on matters related Public Education, Westwind would like to share the public documents that define the time that is assigned to teachers by contract.  It is important to go to the actual sources of information that govern these decisions.  

In May 2017, a collective agreement between the Provincial ATA (Alberta Teachers Association), and the Provincial TEBA (Teachers’ Employer Bargaining Association) was concluded.  This agreement applies to all teachers in Alberta and outlines the terms and conditions that were negotiated at the Provincial (Central) table.   

There are items in the TEBA agreement that are ONLY to be negotiated provincially, and others that are to be negotiated locally.  The local process of negotiations has or will commence in each of the 61 school jurisdictions this fall.  

Provided for your information are:
• The TEBA Provincial agreement which applies to all teachers in Alberta
• Joint Interpretation Bulletins #1 & #2 from the Province to provide clarity about how the TEBA agreement is to be interpreted and managed.