Alberta Bill 1 Update

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The Alberta Government will put forward Bill 1. This bill aims to cover the cost of some school fees that parents have had to pay out of pocket. Westwind School Division is very happy that the province is acting to relieve parents of this burden. This bill generally covers non-choice fees that apply to all students, like textbooks, photocopies, and supplies, as well as some bussing fees. Schools and parents can still pay for courses, projects, and items that they feel are important, like CTS projects, choice in some bussing issues, and extra curricular items. This bill, if passed will come into force for the next school year.

The Minister has indicated that there will be more specifics coming out about how this will work. We have some questions about how this will impact Westwind students, parents, and guardians.

The provincial funding that comes with Bill 1 will be distributed between all public school boards to cover these school fees for parents. The Minister of Education has requested that all school boards ensure that there is no reduction to basic programming of students as a result of this change to the fee structure.

Please read Minister Eggen's letter to parents for more details on this program.