Raymond Junior High: Superior Band Award

Very proud of the Raymond Raymond Junior High School Grade 8 Concert Band and Director Ryan Heseltine for winning a Superior Band Award from the 2017 Provincial Festival of Bands! This is a prestigious award that recognizes excellence in band performance in Alberta.

Bands are judged by a panel of three adjudicators. Two adjudicators submit a score sheet, and one handles a clinic with a more detailed written evaluation. After the performance of three pieces, the students work with the clinician and receive feedback and tips to improve. Following the clinic, the band performs in a sight reading competition. For this, they are given a brand new, never before seen, piece of music. They get five minutes to look through the music and figure it out (during this time, they are not allowed to play their instruments) before performing it for a different (fourth) judge. Bands receive their score based on the culmination of all performances and clinics. Scores range from Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent and Superior. The Raymond Grade 8 Concert Band band received Superior from every adjudicator including their sight reading.