Magrath Vice Principals Announcement

We are pleased to announce that Julie Gilson and Josh Sherwood have been appointed as Vice Principals for Magrath Elementary School starting in the 2017-2018 school year.


Julie Gilson has a Bachelor of Elementary and Special Education from the University of Alberta (2008), as well as a diploma in Rehabilitation from the Lethbridge College (2004). She is beginning work on a Masters of Educational Leadership and Administration from Walden University. She has taught at Westlawn Junior High School (2008-2010) in Edmonton as well teaching grades five and six at Magrath Elementary School since 2010. Julie has spent the last two years there as the Learning Support Teacher with a strong emphasis on literacy intervention, brain development and learning, and project based learning.


Josh Sherwood has a Masters of Arts degree from Gonzaga University in Educational Leadership and Administration (2009), as well as a Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary (2000) and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Lethbridge (1998). He has taught grades one, four, and five at Glenwood School (2000-2007), and he has taught grades four, five, and six at Magrath Elementary School since 2007. Josh’s emphases include implementing research-based instructional strategies in classrooms, and using effective assessments for learning to build appropriate intervention strategies to help teachers and students achieve their full potential.

The decision to return to having two Vice Principals at Magrath Elementary School was made to meet identified needs of students as well as the need for instructional leadership in the school. The decision to return to having two Vice Principals is not an increase in the number of teachers at the school.

Both Julie and Josh have contributed to the culture of educational excellence in Magrath Elementary School and in Westwind School Division. We are excited to welcome them into their new administrative roles in Magrath Elementary School.