School Cancellations Updates: Noon

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This is a further update to the one released at 9:30 am today. No further changes have been made to the list of schools canceled. 

We are aware that there is a mandatory evacuation order in effect for a south western part of Cardston County and a part of the Blood Tribe Reserve. These evacuations affect our students, families, and staff. Our best wishes go with each of them as they make for safer areas. Please follow the instructions of the municipal, Tribal, and emergency authorities in your area. You can follow the alerts regarding the fires and associated instructions at Alberta Emergency Alert

We are aware of the Air Quality Advisories from Environment Canada. We have instructed our principals to follow the guidelines in these advisories and be extremely conscious of student health. 

We are closely monitoring this situation very closely. We will post another update at 4:00 PM about any further closures or concerns.