Unofficial Nominations For 2017 Election

The map of the Electoral Wards for Westwind School Division

We are releasing the unofficial list of nominations for the election. The nominations become official 24 hours after the nominations deadline. The election will be held on October 16, 2017. 

The nominated candidates, alphabetically and by electoral ward boundary, follow below. All names appear as written on the Candidate Nomination Papers.

Electoral Ward 1 (1 trustee)

  • Barb Salmon (Incumbent)
  • Douglas H. Smith (New)

Electoral Ward 2 (2 trustees)

  • Patricia Beazer (Incumbent)
  • Peggy Jean West Blackmore (New)
  • Denise J. Norton (Incumbent)

Electoral Ward 3 (1 trustee)

  • Konni Mehew (New)
  • Jessica Payne (New)
  • Peter Scott (Incumbent)

Electoral Ward 4 (1 trustee)

  • M. Ross Blackmer (New)
  • Lisa Foggin (New)
  • Scott Wolsey (New)

Electoral Ward 5 (2 trustees)

  • L. George Bohne (New)
  • Jim Ralph (New)
  • Alana Sala (New)
  • Rodney Earnest (Rod) Wendorff (New)

Electoral Ward 6 (1 trustee)

  • Tracy Selk (Incumbent)
  • Joshua Jay Smith (New)

Electoral Ward 7 (1 trustee)

  • Anna-Joyce Frank (Acclaimed)