Schools are OPEN today!


Schools will be open in Westwind today...please dress appropriately and drive safe!



A few additional notes:


Westwind respects that parents have the first and primary role to decide if their children will attend school.


Bus Operators have the authority to decide if they are able to run their routes... If they are unable to run, they are to call the families on their route and notify Westwind Transportation.


We are aware of the winter conditions and advisories from environment Canada and transportation.


Snow fall across Westwind began about 4:15 AM this morning and remains light at this time.


From everything we can interpret, we are going to experience a snow fall event, rather than blizzard conditions today.


We will be monitoring the conditions continuously to inform decision making for tomorrow.


Winter snowfall warnings are issued when accumulations are expected to reach 10 cm or more... and the forecasted wind speeds remain moderate.


The decision to have schools open is based on significant information received from a variety of sources including Transportation, Environment Canada, Highway cameras, and personal conversations in each of the communities in Westwind.


Stay warm, everyone!