A Message from the Westwind Board of Trustees


The Westwind Board of Trustees would like to share the following information.

In September 2017 the previous Westwind Board of Trustees passed
Motion 2017-115.  This motion initiated an investigation as a result
of concerns raised under Westwind Policy 296.0 - Public Interest
Disclosure: Whistleblower Protection.

When the current Board of Trustees was elected on October 16, 2017
they assumed carriage for this matter.  An investigative process was
undertaken further to the complaint over the past four months to
examine the complaint and information stemming from that review.

Board Chair Jim Ralph confirms that the investigation has now reached
its conclusion and the Board has received the final report from legal
counsel.  This report includes recommendations that will be addressed
by the Board and Administration in coming months. Due to the nature of
the matter, the specific details will remain confidential as per
Policy 296.0 and the FOIPP Act.

“Westwind School Division takes matters of this nature very seriously,
and have followed all relevant and applicable policies, protocols, and
procedures with regular advice from legal council,” explained Mr.
Ralph. “The board remains fully committed to building safe and caring
learning environments that are inclusive of all our students and staff

On another note, following a consultation and discussion with the
Superintendent and members of the Board trustees are pleased to
announce the decision to extend Superintendent Ken Sommerfeldt’s
contract until August 31, 2019.  The Board’s motion will be sent to
the Minister of Education for final approval.

 Board Chair Jim Ralph expressed the Board’s confidence in Mr.
Sommerfeldt.  “The board recognizes Mr. Sommerfeldt as an experienced
leader and we look forward to working with him as Westwind strives for
educational excellence.”

 “Westwind continues to be an excellent school division with a
committed and passionate staff at all levels.” Mr Sommerfeldt said. “I
have been privileged to work with excellent people, past and present,
in this great jurisdiction. Westwind remains committed to our focus on
excellence in student learning and supporting our outstanding staff,
as we chart the path forward.  I am very optimistic about the future
of Westwind.”