Mountain View School Principal Announcement

We are very pleased to announce that Curtis Leishman has been appointed as principal of Mountain View School beginning in the 2018-2019 school year.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 3.29.46 PM.png

Curtis grew up in Lethbridge and has lived in Mountain View with his family since 2005. He completed a Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Lethbridge (2001), as well as a Masters of Education from the University of Lethbridge (2010).   He has been a teacher at Mountain View School since 2005, and has been the vice principal since 2012.  Curtis was also instrumental in bringing archery to Westwind School Division. 

Mrs. Stacy Jacobs, current principal of Mountain View School is pleased with the decision.  "Curtis will do an excellent job continuing the professional growth of staff thereby improving learning for students," she says. "He is always committed to what is best for kids and I know they are in good hands."

Mr. Leishman has contributed to the culture and tradition of educational excellence at Mountain View School and in Westwind School Division and we are excited to welcome him into his new administrative role at MVS.