Vice Principal Announcements

We are pleased to announce several vice principal appointments across the division. 

Cardston Junior High School

Candace Atwood and Jennifer Scout have been appointed as vice principals at CJHS working with principal Jeremy Payne. They will be replacing Cody Toone, who has accepted the position of vice principal at Cardston High School.

Cardston High School

Cody Toone will be moving into the vice principal position created by Ken McMurray's appointment to CHS principal. He will join current vice principal Randy Jensen

Raymond Junior High School

Jared Heggie has been appointed to join Tyler Runquist as vice principal at RJHS, working with principal Cory Bevans.

Raymond High School

Darryl Salmon and Mike Maynes have been selected as vice principals at RHS and will be combining to replace Jerry Salmon, who has been appointed as the Director of Learning at Westwind.

Mountain View School

Jeff Hill will be moving into the vice principal position created by Curtis Leishman's appointment to MVS principal.

Westwind Alternate School

Chris Goble will become the first vice principal at Westwind Alternate School, joining principal Mike DeVuyst.

Stirling School

Morgan Schaufele has been appointed the vice principal at Stirling School, working with Char Teramura and replacing Inge Pot. Inge is the new Stirling School principal following Darren Mazutinec's appointment as Deputy Superintendent.

NOTE: The decision by the board to have two vice principals in our larger schools was made to meet identified needs of students in those areas, as well as the need for increased instructional leadership in the schools. In most cases, the responsibilities of the previous vice principal will now be shared between two people, which will be cost neutral to the division. The board strongly believes that this decision will provide greater opportunity for leadership growth in the division and benefit both students and staff.