Sixties Scoop Apology

The Government of Alberta will offer an apology to the survivors, families and communities affected by the Sixties Scoop on Monday, May 28 at the Alberta legislature and Westwind students are being encouraged to witness this historic occasion.

The Sixties Scoop refers to a period of time in Canada when an unknown number of Indigenous children were taken from their parents and communities by child intervention services and placed with mostly non-Indigenous families.


Many children lost touch with their families, communities, culture and traditional language. This caused lasting negative issues with mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health and well-being. You can read more about the Sixties Scoop Apology initiate HERE.

Survivors and their families are still feeling the effects of the Sixties Scoop today at 1:30pm.  The link to the live video is HERE.

Alberta Education is encouraging schools to provide opportunities for teachers and students to witness this historic occasion and use it as a learning opportunity.  The hope is that by witnessing the apology students can gain a better understanding of what happened during the Sixties Scoop and why an apology from the government is an important step towards reconciliation.
Alberta Ed also believes that this apology may also offer a good opportunity for students to write a sentence or two about their thoughts and feelings following the apology. You may also wish to share with us student reactions to the apology that demonstrate their learnings in an educational setting. Responses can be sent to