Talking to your Child About Cannabis

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You are likely aware that the Government of Canada has introduced legislation in 2017 to legalize, strictly regulate and restrict access to the use of cannabis. This proposed Cannabis Act would create a strict legal framework for controlling the production, distribution, sale and possession of cannabis for recreational use in Canada.

The cannabis landscape in Canada doesn’t change the fact that all mind-altering substances — including cannabis — are harmful for a teen's still-developing teen brain.

We believe that parents are one of the most powerful influences in a child’s life. More than friends. More than TV. More than celebrities. Cannabis—legal or otherwise—is a hot topic right now and we want to help make those difficult conversations easier.

Parents who provide their kids with balanced information about the effects associated with cannabis (often called marijuana) can help them make informed decisions. It’s more important than ever for parents to protect their kids’ health and development by addressing this issue early and often.

Drug Free Kids Canada is a non-profit organization committed to youth drug prevention. They have worked with top experts in health and parents to create this talk kit to help families navigate through a changing cannabis landscape—one that includes new policies like legalization and regulation, as well as new products, like “shatter” and “edible” candies and cookies.

You can access the CANNABIS TALK KIT by clicking here or by visiting