Professional Learning

Each teacher is responsible to meet the Teacher Quality Standard of knowledge, skills, and attributes throughout their career. We organize professional development opportunities to help our teachers to exceed the minimum requirement for the benefit of each of their students. 

The Teacher Quality Standard includes such minimum standards as:

  • Teachers understand the knowledge, concepts, methodologies and assumptions of the subject disciplines they teach. This includes an understanding of how knowledge in each discipline is created and organized, and that subject disciplines are more than bodies of static facts and techniques - they are complex and evolving. Their understanding extends to relevant technologies, the linkages among subject disciplines, and their relevance and importance in everyday life at the personal, local, national and international levels. Teachers understand that students typically bring preconceptions and understandings to a subject. They know strategies and materials that are of assistance in furthering students’ understanding. 
  • Teachers gather and use information about students’ learning needs and progress. Teachers monitor students’ actions on an ongoing basis to determine and respond to their learning needs. They use a variety of diagnostic methods that include observing students’ activities, analysing students’ learning difficulties and strengths, and interpreting the results of assessments and information provided by students, their parents, colleagues and other professionals. Teachers select and develop a variety of classroom assessment strategies and instruments to assess the full range of learning objectives.
  • Teachers are career-long learners. Teachers engage in ongoing professional development to enhance their: understanding of and ability to analyze the context of teaching; ability to make reasoned judgments and decisions; and, pedagogical knowledge and abilities. They recognize their own professional needs and work with others to meet those needs. They share their professional expertise to the benefit of others in their schools, communities and profession. Teachers guide their actions by their overall visions of the purpose of teaching. They actively refine and redefine their visions in light of the ever- changing context, new knowledge and understandings, and their experiences. While these visions are dynamic and grow in depth and breadth over teachers’ careers, the visions maintain at their core a commitment to teaching practices through which students can achieve optimum learning. 

The expectation is that each and every teacher not only meets the Teaching Quality Standard, but that they work tirelessly to exceed the Teaching Quality Standard, since it is the minimum standard required to continue teaching in Alberta. We have provided many opportunities for PD to all of our teachers over the last years, which include the ones listed below. 

Division Provided Professional Development