Policies and Procedures

Background Information

The Board Policy Handbook and Administrative Procedures Manual were formally adopted by the Board by motion at the August 21, 2018 board meeting. 

Earlier this year, the new school board began a comprehensive review of all existing Westwind policies.  Through this process, the Board made the decision to adopt the G-TEC (Governing Through Engagement and Collaboration) policy model. This model was developed by Dr. Leroy Sloan and Terry Gunderson and is used in the majority of school divisions across the province.  The G-TEC model focuses on four dominant themes: engagement, collaboration, role clarity and assurance/accountability. 

Mr. Gunderson has worked closely with the Board over the last several months to define the Role of the Board, the Role of the Superintendent, and Delegation of Authority to the Superintendent, including the identification of those areas of authority which the Board wishes to retain.

Through this process, Westwind's existing policy manual has been separated into two sets of documents have been developed to reinforce the distinction between the Board’s responsibility (Board Policies) and the Superintendent’s executive or administrative duties (Administrative Procedures).

Please use the Disposition of Policies document as needed to locate previous policies.


The Board Policy Handbook

The Board Policy Handbook has been developed to highlight and support the very important governance function of the Board. It clearly defines the role of the Board, the role of the Superintendent and the delegation of authority from the Board to the Superintendent. It includes the following as policies:

  • Foundational statements which provide guidance and direction for all activities within the division;
  • Directions for how the Board itself is to function and how individual trustees are to conduct themselves; how Board committees and representatives are to function;
  • Statements as to how appeals and hearings will be conducted;       
  • Non-delegable matters such as school closures and policy-making; and,
  • Specific matters which the Board has chosen not to delegate to the Superintendent.

Board Policy Handbook

Administrative Procedures Manual

The Administrative Procedures Manual is the primary written source of administrative direction for Westwind School Division. The Administrative Procedures are designed to be entirely consistent with Board Policies and are an extension of policy in the form of procedures.

Administrative Procedures may reference other detailed administrative documents that have been developed to provide specific guidelines on selected matters.  Gaps in the numbering sequence facilitate the insertion of additional administrative procedures that may be developed at a future time. 

There are five categories in which administrative procedures are placed in the Manual. The categories are:

Section 100: General Administration

Section 200: Instructional Programs and Materials

Section 300: Students

Section 400: Personnel and Employee Relations

Section 500: Business Administration