COVID-19 & Mental Health


Mental Health and wellness are equally as important as the educational well being of staff and students. COVID-19 has created an environment with times of uncertainty and difficulty for many. The Government of Alberta has provided many resources to support schools, staff members and students. More great resources are available through the Canadian Mental Health Association.



Alberta Health Services:

  • AHS Information for Schools & Teachers:  Link to other AHS web pages with information, curriculum-linked lesson plans, resources, and articles for school newsletters on specific health topics for schools.
  • Provincial Teacher Resource List:  Developed to help teachers and schools promote the Comprehensive School Health approach in a classroom setting. The list includes both resources that can be used by teachers in the classroom and resources for teachers about specific health topics (e.g. active living, addiction prevention, body image and nutrition)
  • Healthy Schools Calendars:  Scroll down the page to access calendar links.
  • Healthy Children & Healthy Teens Newsletters:  Scroll down the page to access these parent newsletters.

Positive Mental Health:

  • CANADIAN MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION:  Promotes the mental health of all and supports the resilience and recovery of people experiencing mental illness. The CMHA approaches this mission through advocacy, education, research and service. CMHA branches across Canada provide a wide range of services and supports to people who are experiencing mental illness and their families, tailored to the needs and resources of the communities where they are based.
  • POSITIVE MENTAL HEALTH TOOLKIT:  From the Pan-Canadian Joint Consortium for School Health.
  • MENTAL HEALTH TOOLKIT: From Homewood Health

Creating a Healthy School Community:

Active Living:

Healthy Eating:

  • ALBERTA MILK:  A non-profit organization representing the province’s dairy producers, undertaking a variety of activities to inform Albertans of the nutritional benefits of mil and milk products.
  • APPLE SCHOOLS:  This Alberta project aims to make the healthy choice the easy choice by changing school environments to foster lifelong health and learning.
  • BREAKFAST FOR LEARNING:  A national charity that educates and empowers communities to deliver school based nutrition programs, helping children and youth realize their full potential in life.
  • CANADA’S FOOD GUIDE:  Information on food guide basics, choosing foods and maintaining healthy habits.
  • DIETICIANS OF CANADA:  Promote easier access to trusted food and nutrition information from dietitians.