Special Programming

Special Programming (PUF)

PUF (Program Unit Funding) is funding that comes from Alberta Education to provide programming for children with severe disabilities who require additional support beyond that offered in a regular ECS program.

Children must be assessed and present with a severe delay in one of the following areas: speech/language, behaviour or have a diagnosed medical condition.

Children may access PUF for two years prior to entering kindergarten.

  • Westwind provides a younger program for PUF children (2.8-3.7 years).
  • PUF children (3.8-4.7 years) attend the regular Early Learning Program.

There is no cost for a child to attend either program if they qualify for PUF.

Once a child has been approved for PUF, registration for the appropriate program is completed online through your local community school.

Please contact the Early Learning Supervisor/Coordinator or community preschool teacher to access screening and/or assessment or to see if your child is eligible for Program Unit Funding.


Westwind offers Early Childhood Programs in six locations: Cardston Elementary SchoolMountain View SchoolSpring Glen Elementary SchoolMagrath Elementary SchoolRaymond Elementary School and Stirling School.

For information regarding a specific program please contact the school closest to your home address.


Questions regarding children experiencing developmental delays prior to kindergarten entry should be directed to:

Sandi Letioa, Early Learning Supervisor,  (403) 653-5634 (Cardston, Mountain View, Hillspring, Glenwood, Magrath)

Sue Heggie, Early Learning Coordinator, (403) 752-3004 (Raymond & Stirling)