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Parent Involvement in Education

by Mr. Austin Nunn, Assistant Superintendent 

One of the most important ways that we, as parents can support the health and wellbeing of our children is by being involved in their learning and demonstrating to them that we value their education. Here are a few tips:

  • Maintain ongoing communication with your child’s teachers. Get to know them and ask them how you can better support the learning of your child.
  • Volunteer! Schools are always in need of parent support and help, and your child will benefit from your involvement in the school. Offer your skills. Help with an event or activity. Better yet - join your School Council! 
  • Make an effort to participate in community events that tie into what your child is learning, such as taking them to the local museum. 
  • Take time each day to talk with your child about school and their learning

Youth are more likely to remain healthy when their parents are involved in their education. Get involved today!




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