How to Register a New Student


Go to the applicable registration login page. 

If you created an account last year to register a new student, you can log in to that same account this year to access the 2021-2022 form rather than creating a new account.

Click on “Create Account.” Create only one account per household so the system can access your information correctly—this is different than any existing PowerSchool Parent Portal accounts you may have. If you have multiple children, use this one new account to register all of them by completing an individual registration form for each child. 

Once an account is created, start a new form by selecting the applicable “New Student Registration Form" on the dashboard. Make your form selection carefully to ensure you are applying in the correct school year.

Enter your child’s name and birth date to add them as a student and start the registration process.

TIP: You can leave and come back to a form at any time by selecting the applicable form under “Continue a Form in Progress” from the main dashboard.



It’s helpful to gather all supporting documents prior to beginning the registration process. Documents must be uploaded electronically. Once the form is submitted, any additional documentation must be provided to the school directly by email or in person. Visit the school’s website for email and school address information.

Required documents: 
• birth certificate *
• student’s immigration papers or visa and study permits, if applicable

* If you don't have a birth certificate for your child and need to get one, refer to the information on the Government of Alberta website. NOTE: You'll need to know the birthplace of the child's parents to complete the Application for Birth Documents.
     Order a birth certificate or document  (Alberta) 

Legal documentation is required for the following:
• Parent Custody Agreement, if there are restrictions on access
• Guardianship Letter, if parents live in Alberta
NOTE: If parents live outside of Alberta, legal guardianship must be applied for through the Alberta government.

How to create an electronic document
Take a photo with your smartphone or tablet. Then, either upload it directly to the form or save it on your computer and upload it from there. 

Alternatively, save the documents to your computer using a scanner or try one of these free scanning apps:
• Google Drive for Android 
• Scannable 
• CamScanner 
• Genius Scan 

Don't have a computer? All Westwind schools have a computer available for families to use for registration purposes. The registration form is mobile friendly, meaning you can also use your smartphone or tablet to register.

The form also allows families to indicate if their child requires transportation services. Busing is not guaranteed. The information is reviewed by Westwind Transportation and, if more detail is required, the department will contact you directly by phone or email.


Once the registration form is complete and submitted, a confirmation notice is sent to the given email address. The school will then review your submission and followup, by phone or email, if further information or documentation is required. 

NOTE: The registration isn’t complete until all required documents are uploaded or delivered to the School. If you have difficulty uploading or need time to gather the required documents, complete as much of the form as you can and then contact the school regarding next steps.

If you have questions about completing the New Student Registration Form, contact your school for assistance.