Jodi Cottle: Discussing Numeracy and Inclusion

On the Air: Nunn Talks

Hosted by Assistant Superintendent Austin Nunn, NunnTalks spotlights members of Team Westwind doing great things while having important and timely conversations about education.

Today we welcome Jodi Cottle, a proud member of #TeamWestwind and a grade three teacher at Cardston Elementary School, to the show. In this episode, Jodi will explain to us the difference between math and numeracy, teach us about a little bit about conceptual understanding, and discuss how she has successfully built relationships with students in her classroom and fostered an environment of inclusion.

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Wonderful podcast! I gained insight into another reason why I thing Mrs Cottle is just such an amazing teacher. First and foremost she loves each of her students and wants the very best for them. We could all be better people if we learned inclusion in our communities! Thanks for a great half hour!
Posted by Dari Cook

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