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Westwind Alternate School

Grades: 1-12

  • Address:
  • 89 4th Ave W - MAIN CAMPUS
  • Cardston, AB
  • T0K 0K0

Phone: 403-653-1547


Vice Principal:  Chris Goble

Administrative Assistant / Librarian:  Brenda Sheen

Librarian / Administrative Assistant: Kimberlie Milner


Westwind School Division No. 74 provides alternative learning programs through the Westwind Alternate School. These include Home Education, Distance Learning and Outreach Programs. The Westwind Alternate School is a stand-alone facility based in the Town of Cardston, with campus locations in Cardston, Raymond and Magrath as well as weekly on-site support at Stirling School. The administration and staff cooperate with all divisional schools to ensure the educational needs of individual students and families are accommodated and supported. Certificated mentor teachers have responsibility for the development, supervision and evaluation of individual program plans, which are designed to meet the unique learning styles, needs and circumstances of each student.

Education Plan

WAS Education Plan 2021 - 2022






WAS Core Values:

  • Relevant & Meaningful Learning
  • Choice & Flexibility

  • Caring & Community

  • Integrity & Trust

  • Joy & Humility

Programs & Services


Outreach programs are specifically designed to meet the flexible delivery options needed by some high school students.  Courses are fully accredited.

Delivery methods are designed around a one room school model. Student teacher ratios are kept low.  This ensures support is concentrated and campus time is always efficient.

Making Learning Meaningful


*** Refreshed for Sept. 2021 ***

NOTE: Grade 9 Included for 2021-2022 School year!

This is a Teacher Directed Home-based (distance) Learning opportunity for students from grades 1 - 9. Teachers work closely with the parent(s) to ensure that the student is receiving a full Alberta education.

We have updated significant portions of our PEP program for the 2021-2022 school year.  This brochure explains program basics, included updated expectations for weekly and monthly class attendance, and changes to the way school resources are made available to students.

SUMMER 2021 PEP Updates Video Series


Q & A

PEP Refresh Summary    - Video of Summary

A more thorough brochure contains numerous appendices.  These illustrate things like class scheduling, library resources, etc. Our full brochure also contains a very thorough frequently asked questions appendix.

FULL BROCHURE with Appendices

Q & A

Freedom via Choice


This program enables parents to design, deliver, assess and supervise a complete educational program. Content goals, while fairly general, are clearly specified by Alberta Home Education Regulations. Parents write & submit  a program plan. At they end of they year they share evidence of learning.

 Freedom and Independence

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