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Bell, Let's Talk Day 2024

Bell, Let's Talk Day on January 24, 2024, is an exciting opportunity for #TeamWestwind to participate in the national conversation about mental health.

This year, the focus is on creating real, lasting change. The theme "Let's create real change" highlights the urgent need for us to work together to take action to address Canada's mental health crisis. More than 200 Canadians attempt suicide daily, and 12 tragically lose their lives. The opioid overdose death toll stands at 21 per day, and half of Canadians struggling with mental health issues aren't receiving the help they need​.

This Wednesday, let's take meaningful steps towards change. We can all contribute by helping a friend struggling with their mental health, doing our part to help our schools create change for mental health, nurturing our own well-being, getting involved in a mental health initiative, and engaging in conversations to combat stigma​.

Our division is committed to supporting mental health and well-being. We encourage our #TeamWestwind community to participate in Bell Let's Talk Day by sharing actions taken to support themselves or someone they care about using #TeamWestwind and #BellLetsTalk. We would love to feature photos of our community!

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