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Schools Open JAN 15-19; No Buses Monday

As we brace ourselves for the ongoing cold snap, we want to keep you informed about its impact on our schools in the coming days. 


We hope you recognize that there are many complexities that come with making weather-related decisions in education, and there are several different considerations to weigh. Your child’s safety and education remain our top priorities.


We have spent the weekend closely monitoring weather reports and consulting with neighbouring school jurisdictions, and we have made decisions based on our current information about the upcoming week that we believe balance logistical and safety concerns.


School Operations This Week:


  • Schools Remain Open: All Westwind schools will be open, with classes running as scheduled. 
  • Bus Service Update: Buses will not run on Monday. We expect to resume regular bus services on Tuesday. Please check our website regularly for transportation updates, as weather conditions can affect bus operations.


Parents and guardians - we completely respect your decisions regarding your child’s attendance during this harsh weather. If you choose to send your child to school, please ensure they are well-prepared for the cold with appropriate winter clothing. 


We realize that it is impossible to make weather-related decisions that will please everyone, and we sincerely hope that our parents recognize the challenging balance we strive to maintain to do what is best for students.


We will continue to monitor the weather conditions throughout the week and update you promptly on any changes. Please keep an eye on this website and your emails for further notifications.


Stay warm and safe, and thank you for your understanding and support.


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