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Anna-Joyce Frank, Trustee Representing the Blood Reserve

Anna-Joyce Frank: Ward 7 - Blood Reserve


1. Anna-Joyce has been a Westwind trustee since 1998 - 20 years!
2. Anna-Joyce was Westwind’s first female First Nations Trustee
3. Anna-Joyce has a degree in social work from the University of Calgary and spent her career working as a case manager with what is now known as Community and Social Services with the Alberta government. She has also worked to establish Lethbridge Aboriginal Senior Programs and Kanai First Nations Elders programs on the reserve and sat on Blood Tribe Land Dispute Resolution Panel
4. Anna Joyce has two daughters and three grandsons and loves to sew, cook and garden
5. Anna Joyce grew up on the Blood Reserve and believes strongly in helping First Nation students understand their culture and appreciate the value of an education

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