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Board Policy 3: Appendix - Services, Materials and Equipment Provided to Trustees

Trustees shall be provided with the following services, materials and equipment from within the Board governance budget while in office:

1. Reference
Access to:

  • The Eduation Act, the Regulations and related documents
  • Board Policy Handbook and Administrative Procedures Manual
  • Current Division documents
    • Budget
    • Capital Plan
    • Three-Year Education Plan/Annual Education Results Report
    • Collective Agreements
    • Audited Financial Statements
  • School year and meeting calendars
  • Current telephone listings of schools and principals
  • Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA) membership services

2. Communications/Public Relations

  • Notification of significant media events
  • Name tags, business cards and lapel pins
  • Key messages as required
  • Board photographs

3. Administrative/Secretarial Services through the Superintendent

  • Access to interoffice mail
  • Conference registration, travel and accommodation arrangements
  • E-mail address and service support
  • Photocopying and related secretarial services
  • Coordination of events sponsored by the Board

4. Equipment

  • Laptop computer or equivalent with appropriate software and access and a smartphone on the Division plan.

Legal Reference:

Section 33, 34, 51, 52, 53, 64, 67, 222 Education Act

Approved: August 21, 2018

Reviewed: October, 2019