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Administrative Procedure Administrative Procedure 165: SCHOOL LOCKDOWNS, FIRE DRILLS, SCHOOL CRISIS, AND DISASTER MANAGEMENT


Each Principal in the Division shall develop a plan, which will include, but is not limited to the following: crisis/disaster management and lockdown/evacuation procedures. Provisions will be made for adequate training of staff and students to assure the optimum safety of all in the event of a perceived threat. The safety and well-being of the individual student is to be the primary focus of all action plans.


  1. Since school evacuation may be required in many cases, the Principal shall ensure that crisis response instructions and an evacuation map are posted in each instructional area of the school and other areas as determined by the Principal.
  2. At least three (3) times in the fall term and three (3) times in the spring term, a fire drill shall be held and the Principal is to record for reference:
    1. Date of drill;
    2. Time to evacuate school fully;
    3. Observations or recommendations.
  3. At least one (1) time in the fall term and one (1) time in the spring term, a lockdown drill shall be held and the Principal shall record the date of the drill and observations and recommendations.
  4. In the event of a crisis/disaster:
    1. According to ability, teachers shall do what is reasonable to protect, account for, and care for the student(s) under their direct supervision.
    2. The Principal shall take steps to ensure the safety of the student(s) and contact the appropriate authorities, including the Superintendent.
    3. Communication with parent(s) will be initiated at the discretion of the Principal.
    4. Special consideration is to be given, and professional assistance sought, in cases where trauma or excessive emotional stress is in evidence.
    5. If necessary, the Principal may close the school by following the steps in Administrative Procedure 132 – Emergency School Closure. Every effort shall be taken to resume regular classes as soon as appropriate.
  5. During the first week of school/term, each teacher shall ensure that the evacuation and/or disaster procedures are clearly posted and reviewed in his/her classroom(s).
  6. This Administrative Procedure and related procedures/protocols shall be reviewed by each Principal at a staff meeting prior to the end of September.
  7. The Principal shall provide updated copies of the school crisis/disaster plan to the Superintendent.
  8. In addition to an immediate verbal report to the Superintendent, a detailed report of any major disaster at the school shall be provided to the Board by the Principal no more than two (2) weeks following the event.


Administrative Procedure 165 Appendix A: Threat Assessment

Administrative Procedure 165 Appendix B: Threat/Risk Assessment Team Terms of Reference

Administrative Procedure 165 Appendix C: Threat/Risk Assessment and Intervention Protocol


Section 33,52,53,196,197,222 Education Act

Disaster Services Act

Emergency Medical Aid Act

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Fire Prevention Act

Occupational Health and Safety Act

Occupational Health and Safety Regulation

Occupational Health and Safety Code


Approved: August 21, 2018

Revised: Oct 24, 2018