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Administrative Procedure 235: CONTINUING EDUCATION SERVICES


The Division supports the coordination of resources to offer comprehensive, meaningful courses of continuing education to adults in the communities.


  1. The Division shall assume responsibility for:
    1. The provision of accounting services for the acquisition and disbursement of grant monies;
    2. The provision of classroom facilities and office space;
    3. The processing of non-credit continuing education program grant application and claim forms;
    4. The provision of secretarial and other administrative services such as duplication and distribution of minutes;
    5. The designation of one (1) or more persons from the Division to serve as a voting member of the local Continuing Education Council;
    6. The designation of a co-ordinator to provide leadership and administrative service relative to continuing education.
  2. The coordinator, as an employee of the Division, shall among other responsibilities:
    1. Provide a liaison between Division and Continuing Education Council and the public and citizens of the area.
    2. Prepare all program approval forms.
    3. Prepare all program grant claim forms.
    4. Organize and operate all further education courses including:
      1. Preparation of course budgets;
      2. Establishment of facilities;
      3. Collection of tuition fees;
      4. Establishment of course instructors.
    5. Provide information on programs resources, policies, guidelines and procedures.
    6. Maintain course evaluation forms, instructor evaluation forms and resource inventories for use by the Council and Division.
    7. Identify continuing education needs in the community and use that information in program development.
    8. Obtain direction in program co-ordination by actively seeking out recommendations from the Council members.
  3. The Continuing Education Council shall:
    1. Develop programs to promote the concept of continuing education.
    2. Identify and assess community needs as they pertain to continuing education.
    3. Maintain an effective exchange of resource information among the Council members.
    4. Encourage each community representative to:
      1. Communicate regarding needs and priorities of area;
      2. Assist in course registration for the community;
      3. Attend council meetings regularly;
      4. Promote continuing education concept in area;
        Assist co-ordinator if necessary to begin course.


Section 3,11,18,23,31,33,52,53,197,222 Education Actt


Approved: October 10, 1995

Amended: August 21, 2018