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Administrative Procedure 264: STUDENT SAFETY DEVICES


The Division recognizes that school staffs have a responsibility to supervise and care for all students in a reasonable and prudent manner. Therefore, provisions will be made during all activities, both curricular and extra-curricular, for use of the appropriate student safety devices.


  1. The Principal shall assume the responsibility for the overall compliance of this Administrative Procedure. However, each teacher shall be responsible to ensure that the students under their direction use appropriate safety devices as directed in the Safety Guidelines for Physical Activities (attached summary notes in Appendix).
  2. Student safety devices would include, but not be limited to, items prescribed by Alberta Education as referenced in recommended curriculum materials, requirements of Division insurance carriers or from legal directives from the provincial and/or federal governments.
  3. Students who do not use the appropriate safety devices will not be allowed to participate in these activities
  4. In a September staff meeting each year, the Principal shall review this Administrative Procedure with all staff members.
  5. All student safety devices are important and are to be used as appropriate. Safety helmets are specifically required for all skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, horseback riding and all bike riding activities.


Administrative Procedure 264 Appendix: Safety Guidelines for Physical Activity in Alberta


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Traffic Safety Act

Guide to Education ECS to Grade 12

Safety Guidelines for Physical Activity in Alberta Schools

Safety Guidelines for Secondary Inter-School Athletics in Alberta

Physical Education Safety Guidelines


Approved: April 18, 2002

Amended: May 9, 2006; August 21, 2018