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Administrative Procedure 280: PROGRAM EVALUATION


Program evaluation provides reliable insights into the quality and effectiveness of the Division’s instructional efforts. It also serves to acknowledge the Division’s obligation to be accountable to the public for the quality of education provided for students as well as its obligation to ensure that all programs are being offered in accordance with the provincial program of studies.

Division programs will be periodically evaluated to ensure that program objectives are pursued and achieved in an effective and efficient manner.


  1. The major purposes for program evaluation are to:
    1. Ensure that program objectives and delivery are consistent with student needs.
    2. Identify program strengths as well as areas requiring improvement.
    3. Recommend deletion, modification or continuation of program components as required.
  2. Criteria used to evaluate program effectiveness include:
    1. Adherence to Alberta Education curriculum guidelines and Division requirements.
    2. Appropriateness and availability of resources to support program delivery.
    3. Suitability and variety of learning activities in which students are engaged.
    4. Degree of integration with other programs.
    5. Quality of long-range plans.
    6. Articulation between and among grades.
    7. Provisions made to accommodate individual student needs.
    8. Suitability of student evaluation procedures.
    9. Quality of in-service and professional development programs offered in support of program development/implementation.
    10. Results achieved by students.
  3. External program evaluations may be conducted by Alberta Education at the request of the Superintendent.
  4. Program evaluations may be conducted at the school or Division level or as part of an overall school review.
  5. Each Principal is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the quality of programs in the school.


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Policy and Requirements for School Board Planning and Reporting
School Authority Planning and Reporting Reference Guide


Approved: August 21, 2018