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Administrative Procedure 315: STUDENT ACCIDENT OR ILLNESS


The Division recognizes that school staff have a responsibility to supervise and care for students while at school in a reasonable and prudent manner. Should illness or injury occur to any student, it is expected the staff member(s) will act in a manner reflecting the actions of a caring parent subject to the following procedures.


  1. The Principal shall assume the overall responsibility for the care of ill or injured student(s), and only in the case of emergencies shall action be taken without the Principal’s awareness.
  2. Parent(s) of student(s), except independent student(s), shall be notified as soon as possible of all illness/injuries affecting their student(s).
  3. The Principal shall be responsible for keeping a student record that may be accessed in case of injury or illness which shall include, but not be limited to:
    1. Student name, home phone, address, parent(s) name;
    2. Contact phone (home and work);
    3. Medical information/conditions recorded in PowerSchool.
  4. The Principal shall conduct a periodic audit of the school areas, with special attention given to areas of potential hazard, such as:
    1. Playgrounds;
    2. Gymnasiums;
    3. Industrial arts labs;
    4. Science rooms.
  5. For a student who is ill at school, the Principal shall assure that:
    1. The parent(s) is contacted as soon as possible.
    2. Arrangements are made to have the parent(s) pick up the student or mutually agree on some appropriate action.
    3. The student is assigned to a supervised infirmary at school.
    4. If extreme, the family preferred doctor is contacted.
    5. The bus driver has been informed if going home after school.

  6. For a student who is injured at school:
    1. The supervisor shall take any first aid action that an emergency situation may require. If in doubt, the supervisor will not move the student and will call for assistance immediately.
    2. The Principal shall, depending upon the emergency nature of the situation, assure that contact is made with:
      1. The student(s), parent(s), excepting independent student(s).
      2. A doctor, family preferred if possible.
      3. An ambulance service if required.
  7. No staff member is to prescribe or sign for medical treatment.
  8. The supervisor shall complete a Student Incident Report form (Form 315-1) and submit it to the Principal who in turn shall file it at the school.



SSection 11,33,52,53,196,197,222 Education Act

Emergency Medical Aid Act


Approved: June 11, 1996

Amended: March 1, 1999; April 15, 1999; August 21, 2018