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Administrative Procedure 325: ALLEGED CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT


The Division recognizes the legal obligation placed on all employees to comply with the legal requirements imposed upon them by the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act and to co-operate fully with all involved in safeguarding the well-being of the students in the school.


  1. Where a student discloses sensitive, personal information to a member of school staff – every effort is to be made to ensure the safety of the student and to guide the student to qualified personnel and, whenever possible, to the parent.

  2. All matters relating to child abuse shall be handled in strict confidence.
  3. Any written records shall be handled with strict security during the investigation, and then disposed after the investigation. (refer to section 12)
  4. Once satisfied as to the identity of the child welfare worker or police officer, school staff shall cooperate fully with such officials:
    1. In providing information and interviews;
    2. By permitting student(s) to be interviewed by the officials.
  5. Any parental contact shall be initiated by the child welfare worker or police officials, and should questions from parent(s) be directed to the school, they are to be referred to the appropriate official.
  6. At the request of a student, a non-participating staff member may sit in on the interviews.
  7. Should an investigating official request that a staff member provide information, it is recommended that the information be provided in writing.
  8. Unless threats are made against a staff member, generally the school contact shall be with the child welfare department and not the police department.
  9. The appropriate Health Unit is to be available to provide:
    1. Assistance in recognizing abuse or neglect symptoms.
    2. In-service training in abuse recognition/reporting.
  10. Principals is to be kept aware of the status of any case of abuse on a "need to know" basis.
  11. Staff members are to be alert continually for any indications that abuse or neglect is taking place in the lives of the students in the school.
    1. If a teacher or other staff member becomes aware of any alleged abuse of a student, the staff member shall contact South West Child and Family Services Authority (403-381-5543), or the Child Abuse Hot Line 1-800-387-5437
    2. The staff member shall also:
      1. Report such concerns to the Principal.
      2. Complete the required report form (Form 325-1).
    3. Copies of this completed report are to be distributed to:
      1. The staff member making the report.
      2. Principal’s Confidential File.
      3. Superintendent.
      4. Child welfare worker and/or police investigator (upon request).
  12. Once in the hands of the child welfare official, the school's involvement in the investigation shall proceed under the direction of Child and Youth Services and/or the police.
  13. Each Principal shall be responsible for having a copy of the following available and providing periodic in-service on:
    1. The Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act,
    2. Protocol and Guidelines for Child Welfare Workers and School Personnel – Government of Alberta Document.


Alleged Child Abuse & Neglect Form (325-1)


Section 11, 52, 53, 56, 196, 197, 222 Education Act
Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
Practice Review of Teachers Regulation 4/99
Student Record Regulation 225/2006


Approved: June 11, 1996

Amended: February 2, 2010; August 21, 2018