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Administrative Procedure 359: DAMAGE TO OR THEFT OF SCHOOL PROPERTY


The Division reserves the right to declare the student and/or parent(s), if not an independent student, liable for any damage to, or theft of any school property and initiates action to have such damage or theft repaired or paid for by the guilty party.


  1. The student(s) responsible shall be held accountable for all theft or damage to school property.
  2. The Principal, after a full investigation of all damage or theft to school property and consultation with the Superintendent, may:
    1. Waive replacement costs or
    2. Assess a reasonable figure and either collect said amount from the student(s) and/or student's parent(s), if not an independent student, or
    3. Provide for alternate means to have the amount of the damage repaired, and theft recovered.
  3. The Principal, having interviewed the student(s) and if deemed necessary, the parent(s), and having determined that restitution needs to be made, shall inform them of the amount of money and /or process required for reparation.
  4. If the responsible party does not make any effort to make restitution within two (2) weeks of the assessment, the matter shall then be referred to the Board for collection and/or further legal steps.
  5. In the case of extensive vandalism or theft, the matter shall be reported to the local police.
    1. In the case of extensive vandalism where the Principal is unable to discover the cause or involved party, the Superintendent shall authorize the advertisement of a reward for information leading to the arrest of the guilty party subject to:
      1. Recommendation from the police investigating the incident;
      2. An amount not to exceed ten percent (10%) of the estimated damage.
  6. The Principal shall provide a report to the Superintendent on all incidents of intentional damage or theft exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000.00).
  7. If the guilty party is a student in the Division, the Principal may consider taking action in accordance with Administrative Procedure 355: Suspension and Expulsion.


Section 31, 32, 52, 53, 68, 197, 222, 257 Education Act


Approved: April 11, 1995

Amended: August 21, 2018