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Administrative Procedure 380: STUDENTS’ COUNCIL


The experience of participation in Students’ Councils and Students’ Council activities within schools is supportive and complementary to the education of students and can contribute to the preparation of students to become socially responsible citizens in a changing world. The Division, therefore, encourages the formation of Students’ Councils in schools.


  1. The Principal has final authority over all Students’ Council activities.
  2. Students’ Councils will operate according to an acceptable constitution.
    1. The Students’ Council shall develop a constitution.
    2. The Students’ Council constitution and any amendments shall be filed with and approved by the Principal.
  3. Students’ Councils must operate within the framework of acceptable financial practices.
    1. An annual Students’ Council financial statement shall be filed with the Principal.
    2. The Principal shall report Students’ Council fund activities as part of the annual report required under Administrative Procedure 520 – School Fundraising.
  4. Appropriate teacher guidance will be provided to Students’ Councils.
    1. One (1) or more teachers shall be appointed as Students’ Council advisors.


Section 11,31,33,52,53,196,197,222 Education Act


Approved: August 21, 2018