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Administrative Procedure 401: NEPOTISM


Nepotism is prohibited unless otherwise approved by the Superintendent.


Nepotism is defined as: employees working in direct supervisory relationships with immediate family members.

Immediate family is defined as wife, husband, partner, mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, grandchildren, nephew, niece and any in-laws of same.


  1. No appointment of an immediate family member to any contractual or substitute assignment where the employee shall be under the direct administrative supervision of immediate family will be allowed unless approved by the Board.
  2. The supervisors at the various levels are:
    1. The Superintendent supervises senior-level administrators and principals.
    2. The Secretary-Treasurer supervises the Information Technology Manager, the Operations and Maintenance Supervisor and the Transportation Supervisor
    3. Senior-level administrators supervise Division Office personnel, as well as Division instructional non-school support staff.
    4. The Principal supervises all school personnel.
    5. The Operations and Maintenance Supervisor supervises Division maintenance staff.
    6. The Transportation Supervisor supervises all transportation staff.
    7. The Information Technology Manager supervises all members of the TECH Team.
  3. Substitutes will not be appointed who are immediate family members of the staff member for whom they are substituting unless otherwise approved by the Superintendent.
  4. In the event that a change in a direct supervisory relationship with immediate family members occurs, resulting in nepotism, the supervised employee shall be re-assigned at the end of the school year unless otherwise approved by the Superintendent.


Section 33,52,53,55,68,196,197,198,199,203,204,205,222,225 Education Act

Alberta Human Rights Act

Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Canadian Human Rights Act

Canadian Multiculturalism Act

Charter of Rights and Freedoms


Approved: February 3, 2009

Amended: August 21, 2018