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Administrative Procedure 454: ROLE OF SECRETARY TREASURER


Guided by the Division's vision, mission, values, and goals, the Secretary-Treasurer will assist the Superintendent in fulfilling the general and specific aspects of the role description for the Superintendent as defined in the School Act and Board policy.


The Secretary-Treasurer is directly responsible and accountable to the Superintendent.

The Secretary-Treasurer will have specific responsibilities for:

  1. Corporate Secretary
    1. Arranges and provides public notice of all Board meetings and other proceedings as required in the operation of the Division.
    2. Attends all Board meetings; ensures accuracy of recording of Board proceedings in minutes.
    3. Ensures the maintenance, access and protection of records in accordance with the FOIP Act and Regulations.
    4. Provides for the interpretation of legislation affecting the operation of the Division, as directed by the Superintendent.
    5. In years of municipal elections, assumes duties of the Returning Officer for Westwind Public School Division.
  2. Corporate Treasurer
    1. Ensures the accuracy of funding received by the Division.
    2. Ensures the fiscal management of the Division is in accordance with the terms or conditions of any funding received.
    3. Ensures the operation of the Division is fiscally responsible.
    4. Produces financial accountability and other reports in compliance with all legal and Ministerial mandates and timelines, and Superintendent directives.
    5. Designs budget cycles that meet provincial requirements and provide for stakeholder input.
    6. Prepares the draft Division budget, aligned with the proposed three-year education plan, for the Superintendent's consideration.
    7. Refines the draft Three Year Capital Plan and brings forward for the Superintendent's consideration.
    8. Manages the purchasing function for the Division.
    9. Maintains appropriate inventory and appraisal records.
    10. Provides oversight to the payroll program and ensures the program is consistent with Division values.
    11. Ensures proper completion of contracts, agreements and partnerships with outside corporations and agencies.
    12. Assists principals with preparation of budgets and the management of their financial affairs.
    13. In collaboration with the Superintendent, provides support to the Board's negotiating committees.
    14. Ensures appropriate insurance policies are in place.
  3. Human Resources Management
    1. Ensures job descriptions are developed and updated, and evaluation processes are implemented, for direct reports, in accordance with the procedures established by the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources.
    2. Advises the Superintendent with regard to the recruitment and appointment of Financial Services, Operations and Maintenance, transportation, and technology staff.
    3. Supports the professional development and certification requirements of Financial Services staff.
  4. Facility Services
    1. Provides leadership in the development of annual updates to the Three Year Capital Plan, including provisions for instructional and support services.
    2. Ensures that building assets are maintained in an appropriate manner.
    3. Ensures Division compliance with the requirements of Occupational Health and Safety legislation.
    4. Takes the leadership role in capital project matters and related partnerships.
  5. Student Transportation Services
    1. Ensures the safety and welfare of students while being transported to and from school programs in transportation provided by the Division.
  6. Fiscal Responsibility
    1. Makes recommendations to the Superintendent regarding the administration component of the Division budget, excluding staff allocations.
    2. In collaboration with the Superintendent, develops an administration budget within the parameters and constraints of the Division budget.
    3. In collaboration with the Superintendent, ensures the proper fiscal management of the administration budget, excluding staff allocations.
    4. Makes recommendations to the Superintendent regarding possible actions to increase the effective and efficient operation of programs within the Division.
    5. Operates in a fiscally prudent and responsible manner.
  7. Policy/Administrative Procedures
    1. Assists the Superintendent in the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of Board policy within areas of responsibility.
    2. Provides leadership and quality assurance in the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of administrative procedures, within areas of responsibility.
    3. Ensures the application of Board policies and administrative procedures as required in the performance of duties.
  8. Organizational Management
    1. Within areas of responsibility, demonstrates effective organizational skills resulting in compliance with all legal, Ministerial and Board mandates and timelines, and adherence to Superintendent directives.
    2. Contributes to a Division culture which facilitates positive results, effectively handles emergencies, and supports crisis management efforts in a team-oriented, collaborative and cohesive fashion.
  9. Communications and Community Relations
    1. Takes appropriate actions to ensure open, transparent internal and external communications are developed and maintained within areas of responsibility.
    2. Ensures students, staff and parents have a high level of satisfaction with the services provided and the responsiveness of departments.
    3. Ensures Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act processes are effectively implemented.
    4. Arranges meetings for the Board with locally elected politicians.
  10. Superintendent Relations
    1. Establishes and maintains positive, professional working relations with the Superintendent.
    2. Honours and facilitates the implementation of the Board's roles and responsibilities as defined in Board policy and encourages staff to do the same.
    3. Provides information which the Superintendent requires to perform his/her role in an exemplary fashion.
  11. Leadership Practices
    1. Practices leadership in a manner that is viewed positively and has the support of those with whom she works in carrying out the Superintendent's expectations.
    2. Exhibits a high level of personal, professional and organizational integrity.


Administrative Procedure 454 Appendix: Evaluation of Secretary-Treasurer


Section 20, 60, 61, 96, 113, 116, 117 School Act

Employment Standards Code

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Labour Relations Code

Local Authorities Election Act

Occupational Health and Safety Act

Funding Manual for School Authorities


Approved: September 12, 1995

Amended: February 4, 2014; August 21, 2018