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Administrative Procedure 500: ANNUAL DIVISION BUDGET


The annual budget is the financial component of the Division’s operating plan. The budget is not the plan itself but a mechanism to achieve the goals and objectives of the plan.

Each school year the Superintendent, with the assistance of the Secretary-Treasurer, shall prepare for Board consideration and adoption a detailed estimate of the revenues and expenditures required to operate the programs of the Division.


  1. Budget planning is the responsibility of the Secretary-Treasurer and will be undertaken to conform to the budget timelines established by the Board.
  2. The Secretary-Treasurer will prepare a draft budget based on the priorities set out in the Three-Year Education Plan and the budget assumptions established annually by the Board.
  3. The Secretary-Treasurer will present the draft budget to principals and Division Office personnel and all educational partners in a consultative process. 
  4. The Secretary-Treasurer will present the final draft budget to the Board.
  5. On or before May 31 in each year, the Board shall approve a budget for the next school year.
  6. The annual budget shall identify any new programs to be implemented, as well as programs that are being discontinued.
  7. Following Board review and adoption, a final budget in the form prescribed by the Minister will be submitted to Alberta Education.
  8. Under the general supervision of the Superintendent, the Secretary-Treasurer shall administer the budget of the Division.
  9. Subsequent to the receipt of the September 30 enrolment count, a revised budget is prepared and presented to the Board for approval.
  10. The Secretary-Treasurer is accountable to the Superintendent for the effective control of expenditures within the budgetary limits established for departments and for schools.


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Approved: August 21, 2018