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Administrative Procedure 505: SCHOOL FEES


The Board may authorize the collection of school fees from parents in accordance with the School Act and regulations governing such matters.

Fees will not be charged for goods or services that are considered "basic", including such things as textbooks, workbooks, photocopying and paper.

Fees may be charged for goods and services considered to be for the purpose of providing "Enhanced Education Services" and "Non-Curricular Services"

The Board will ensure that a consultation, proposal and approval process are undertaken annually in the school year prior to the fees being implemented.


Fees for basic educational goods and services are fees for the services, supports and materials required for a student to be successful in meeting the required curriculum outcomes of the program of studies successfully at a basic level. Examples include such things as textbooks, workbooks, photocopying and paper that are collectively required by all students. This excludes personal consumable items such as pens and pencils etc.

Fees for enhanced educational services are fees for services, supports and materials that are not required for students to meet the required curriculum outcomes successfully at a basic level but that if accessed through the payment of additional fees would enhance the student's learning opportunities. Examples may include curricular field trips, programs of choice, cultural activities, technology user fees, enhanced projects, and fees for options and CTS courses.

Fees for non-curricular services are fees for optional services, supports, and materials that are outside of the curricular program of the Division. Examples include sports teams, musical instrument rental, clubs, agendas, athletic wear, lockers and transportation, subsistence and accommodation for various travel requests.


  1. The Division or any of its schools shall not charge fees for basic educational services, as defined from time to time by the School Act, regulations, and/or Board policy and/or administrative procedures.
  2. Fees for enhanced educational services and fees for non-curricular services may be charged upon approval by the Board and in keeping with the relevant legislation and regulations.
  3. Principals shall consult with parents and will annually submit a proposed fee schedule of fees for enhanced education services and fees for non-curricular services at a time designated by the Board.
  4. Principals shall be responsible for demonstrating the reasonableness of the proposed fees in a manner established by the Board.
  5. Fees that are collected and charges that are made to parents for the provision of goods or services for students may only be used for the purposes for which they are collected.
  6. Any portion of fees collected that are not expended must be refunded to the payee in a manner clearly articulated in the proposals submitted to the Board and subsequently approved by the Board.
  7. The Principal may waive the payment of fees in circumstances where parents demonstrate undue financial hardship.
  8. Responsibility for the collection and financial accounting for enhanced educational services and non-curricular services shall rest with the school. Principals are responsible to make every reasonable effort to collect outstanding fees.
  9. Dispute Resolution Process 
    1. The resolution of disputes and appeals arising from the administration of this Administrative Procedure shall be addressed in accordance with Board Policy 13 – Appeals and Hearings Regarding Student Matters.
  10. The Superintendent has the responsibility to develop protocols and procedures for establishing criteria, consultation, proposals, documentation and communication with respect to school fees.


Section 13,19,21,23,32,33,52,53,59,68,196,197,204,222,225,257 Education Act


Approved: June 26, 2017

Amended: August 17, 2017; January 9, 2018; August 21, 2018