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Administrative Procedure 521: HUMANITARIAN FUNDRAISING


The Division supports humanitarian fundraising efforts at the school level, when approved by the Principal in consultation with the Superintendent. Principals will be judicious in seeking new or continuing fundraising ventures.


Canvassing is deemed as the act of soliciting a direct donation of a non-defined sum, from an individual for a defined cause; the donor does not receive a good or service other than a token acknowledgment.


  1. Participation in charities includes school participation in charitable, community organizations, as well as locally initiated activities to assist individuals and groups in need.
    1. Charitable organizations include such groups as:
      1. Canadian Cancer Society, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Easter Seal Fund, Salvation Army, Royal Canadian Legion, Pennies for Patients, Heart and Stroke Fund, Haiti Project.

  2. Principals are encouraged, on an optional basis, to provide experiences intended to enhance student understanding and appreciation of the role, purposes and activities of charitable organizations.

  3. School supported fundraising events must be approved by the Principal of the school.

  4. Any new fundraising activities require consultation with the Superintendent.

  5. Requests by charitable organizations for permission to distribute materials to schools must be approved by the Principal.

  6. Canvassing by external agencies or individuals of students or staff on school premises by or on behalf of charitable organizations is prohibited. 

  7. Principals may elect to conduct group fund-raising activities.
    1. For example, a school may elect to have a "Book Fair" and donate the proceeds to the Canadian Cancer Society, a family in need, or for sponsorship of a child in a Third World country.

  8. Principals may elect to participate in approved programs aimed at the collection and distribution of goods for the less fortunate, e.g., Christmas hampers, etc.

  9. Principals, on an optional basis, may elect to participate in fund-raising activities that are conducted external to the school, e.g., UNICEF Halloween Fund, etc.

  10. Principals wanting clarification regarding the status of a particular fund-raising group are encouraged to contact the Communications Officer for assistance.

  11. Because of the variety of such programs, principals are encouraged to discuss projects that may not be totally consistent with the above procedures, with the Superintendent.


Section 20, 22, 27, 60, 61, 113, 116 School Act

Charitable Fund-Raising Act

Gaming and Liquor Act

Income Tax Act

Public Contributions Act

School Councils Regulation (AR 113/2007)


Approved: June 1, 2011

Amended: August 21, 2018