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Administrative Procedure 526: GIFTS, DONATIONS AND SCHOLARSHIPS


The Division welcomes gifts or donations to individual schools or to the Division if it is appropriate, useful and meets the standards of the Division and such gifts or donations become immediately the property of the Division.


  1. All donations are to be directed/addressed to the Division.
  2. All donations will be approved at the next Board Meeting.
    1. The Division may accept or reject any gift or donation as it sees fit.
  3. The Secretary-Treasurer shall apply for a registered charity number and, where requested and appropriate, provide a tax receipt for any cash donation.
  4. After the Board has approved a donation, the money will be forwarded to the school and a receipt and donation letter will be issued.
  5. Donations shall generally refer to cash amounts presented to individual schools or to the Division as a whole. Should the donations be in the form of a scholarship, this amount shall be kept separate and used solely for that purpose.
  6. Scholarship endowment and trust funds are managed by the Division.
    1. All scholarship endowment funds shall be remitted to Division Office for management. An understanding about the endowment fund and disbursements shall be mutually agreed upon in writing between the donor and the Division.
    2. An annual report providing detail about the scholarship funds and their disbursements will be provided to each school.
  7. A gift generally shall refer to equipment or resource material provided by or paid for by individuals, community groups or student groups.
  8. All gifts are to be officially acknowledged either by the Principal or by the Division.
  9. The acceptance of any gift or donation does not imply any special considerations or privileges.


Section 33,52,53,68,188,197,222 Education Act

Societies Act

Income Tax Act


Approved: January 10, 1995

Amended: June 1, 2011; January 9, 2018; August 21, 2018