Student Literacy

Raise A Reader


At Westwind, we deeply value literacy and are committed to giving our kids every opportunity to succeed. We know that a cornerstone of this success is a strong partnership with parents!

Our#RaiseAReader campaign is a Westwind initiative designed to foster a love for reading in our young learners. Throughout this campaign, we will be sharing a series of videos created by our very own Westwind teacher, Amanda Shaw. Each month, we will feature a new theme, offering tips and activities to help parents nurture avid readers and lifelong learners. Together, we aim to build a community of readers, one book at a time. 

To support this campaign, we have curated a list of resources that parents and families can utilize to enhance the home reading experience. Discover a range of free and subscription-based resources to build a rich home library for your children!


Public Library Membership

For approximately $13 a year, you can gain access to a plethora of books and resources available at your local public library.

Subscription-Based Resources

  • Epic is a favourite among teachers and students for its high-quality reading material. It offers a virtual library where many books come with a feature that reads the book to the child, highlighting the words as they are read. Explore more on their educational dashboard.

Free Resources

  • Flyleaf Free decodable books at your child’s level to help them read for success. These are a great way for students to practice applying their letter sound correspondences as well as high-frequency words. Access their collection here.

  • PK Life Science A free resource that reads science readings aloud to students, highlighting the words as they are read. Although it has a smaller database, it is a valuable resource for science enthusiasts. Visit their website for more.

Sora App

All Westwind students can access the Sora app for free using their Westwind login. Here is how you can get started:

  1. Visit the Sora website or download the app.
  2. Click on “Find my school” and then select “My school isn’t listed”. Enter “Westwind School Division No. 74” in the search bar and select the matching school.
  3. Click on the drop-down menu under “Sign into your school”, scroll down to find “Westwind School Division No. 74”, and click on it.
  4. Enter your child’s username and password. (The username is your child’s school email, and the password is their PowerSchool number, which can be obtained from their teacher.)
  5. Start exploring a wide range of books and happy reading!

We encourage parents to make the most of these resources to support their children's reading journey. Stay tuned for more updates, and happy reading!